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A little bit of sweet craze! Meet Lillove by Obsessive!

Delicate chemise & thong

Do you know you’re beautiful? Yes, you are! And wonderful Lillove chemise will emphasize it perfectly! Cute details will add lots of charm. Feel amazing! Sounds like an exciting beginning of the evening? It will be just like this! Take the first step and check what will happen next…

Cute, pink thong

A little bit of sweet craze? Sounds like a perfect idea so… why not? What you need is charming thong touched with juicy pink colour. And it’s right here for you! Just add some sexy fantasies mixed with spicy dreams and let yourself have a truly delightful experience!

Subtle teddy

This evening you’re gonna be… an adorable coquette wearing gorgeous lingerie! Delicate mesh will subtly cover your body and flowery lace will draw beautiful motifs on your shapes. And that’s just a beginning of attractions. Check benefits that this special design can give you. Enjoy your exceptionally attractive body look!


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