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Amusement? Always! Meet Melidia by Obsessive!

Beautiful, white corset & thong Melidia

Wanna shine with ethereal whiteness and seduce with naughty details? Wanna become a temptress for a moment and surprise your man with amazingly alluring look? Great choice! Melidia corset is just for a woman like you – subtly sensual and sexy as hell at the same time! So? Ready for playful unlacing game?

Lovely, white thong Melidia

Sweet feminine detail during the day? Or maybe hot sex appeal show at night? Whatever you choose, you can be sure that Melidia thong will give you (and him all the more) plenty of pleasurable experiences! Take as much as you want. Maximum satisfaction for the two of you guaranteed!

Charming, black corset & thong Melidia


Lace me up! That's what this corset wants. It's extremely feminine and incredibly hot. You know that you will look amazing, so there's no need to wait. Better get ready, because this night is gonna be full of great feelings!


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