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Another fun level? Reach it with Bride by Obsessive!

Sexy black chemise & thong

Classy black colour combined with rich adornments. Sounds great, right? Of course it does! That’s exactly what you need to change into the sexiest gift that your beloved has even been given! So… don’t wait. All you need is right inside of this tiny box. Open it and get this party started!

Sexy red chemise & thong

Intensive red colour and incredibly sexy design. Have you been thinking about something like that? Well, we’ve got it for you! This fabulous combination of guipure and tiny, white pearls has been mixed with perfect design. All together they’ve turned into a chemise which will absolutely rule your bedroom! So… don’t wait and go for it!

Sexy white chemise & thong

Special night and special you deserve a completely unique attire. With this chemise you’ll not only look amazing and feel incredibly sexy. You’ll also blow his mind and win his heart again! Change into a sweet cookie and spoil your lover with tiny bit of this delicious pleasure. He’s been waiting for this night for such a long time!

Sexy, black thong

Time to expose your sex appeal! Bride thong is just your perfect match – it will make your derriere look amazing tonight! Let him see this hot look. And what is gonna happen next? It’s just up to you and your playful imagination. Go on!

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