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Catch the bunny! Obsessive collection!

Sexy bunny costume: teddy, bow-tie collar, shirt cuffs, ears

Play with this bunny, honey! Fluffy tail, sexy shirt cuffs, playful ears and cute bow-tie. Don't they sound great for tonight? The best recipe for frivolous fun is in your hands right now, so… use it!

Playful bunny costume: top, skirt, thong, ears

Catch the Bunny! Delightful, black and white outfit with  mini skirt.  It is a perfect colour combination!

White blindfold

Do you wanna reveal his secrets? We’ll show you an easy way to do this. Hypnosis? Detective? Torture? No! We have something much better. Obsessive blindfold! Cover his eyes, touch him, kiss him and then whisper in his ear: “What are you dreaming about, my boy?”. Since now all his secrets will be yours, babe!

Naughty bunny costume: top with garters, panties with bunny tail, stockings, ears

Playful bunny will bring you to the Obsessive wonderland! Everybody wants it!

Encouraging to experiments blindfold

Do you dream about thrills of emotion, new sensual feelings and exciting experiences instead of boring evenings? They are so close. Stop dreaming – start acting! Prepare a lot of water and buy fire extinguisher… this thin strip of material will set your bedroom on fire, honey!

Sexy bunny costume: corset, garter shorties with tail, ears

Who didn’t dream about his own bunny? Sweet and sexy at once.

Mysterious blindfold

This magic piece of shiny material can be used so many ways! Try them all out! You can cover your eyes (or his – if you prefer!), you can tie his hands, you can tie a bow in your waist and be the best gift for your sweetheart. So everything depends on you, babe!

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