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Don’t wait – feel great! Collection 852 - Must have in your wardrobe!

Sexy chemise & thong 852-CHE-1

You’ve got to try this fabulous chemise – it’s been designed to give you a very sexy and charming look! Can’t wait to put it on for a hot night with your beloved man? Aww yes, get ready. You’ll feel fantastic! 

Lacy thong 852-THO-1

Smile babe! We’ve got something special for you – a sexy thong you’ve been looking for! Beautiful lace and charming details will make you feel amazing. Don’t wait, take the next step. Get ready for delightful moments with Obsessive and with your lover!

Tempting teddy 852-TED-1

Can you see this unique, hot and absolutely stunning design? It’s been created to let you look like a million dollars and… to give you incredibly pleasant moments with your beloved man! Don’t wait – get this amazing teddy and feel great!

Spicy crotchless thong 852-THC-1

Time for piquant games and pleasant experiences! Imagine that you’re holding Obsessive box in your hands and it has… some very spicy contents! Are you naughty enough to look inside? Don’t wait. You’ve never felt so great!

Lacy set with garter belt 852-SEG-1

Incredibly feminine and sexy as hell. This set is perfect for you! Every piece of it will look fantastic on your body so… don’t wait. Do hot shopping and check how it feels to be the queen of sex appeal!

Lacy garter belt 852-GAR-1

A night the two of you will remember forever? This garter belt will help you get ready for it! Tempting lace around your sexy shapes and seductive garter straps – that’s what you need to look absolutely fantastic. Don’t wait, you’re gonna feel great

Black set 852-SET-1

You’re beautiful and this lovely set will emphasize it. Sexy design, sensual lace and perfect adornments – let them give you a stunning look! And then… let your lover adore you even more! Now is the perfect time to get ready for a delightful night!

Black stockings with lace 852-STO-1

Imagine that this exciting moment has just come – open the box and look inside! You immediately get the feeling that you’re gonna have a wonderful time tonight. These stockings will make you look absolutely fantastic! So? Ready to let this fantasy come true? Start now!



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