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Elegant is getting sexy! Gretia by Obsessive!

Elegant set: bra, garter belt, thong

Be sexy and shine tonight! The soft, elastic material of this set will inspire your senses and emphasize your feminine shapes just the way you want. Isn’t it great? Now look at the shiny details – you’re the most adorable coquette ever! Use your charm!

Outstanding shorties

Chic and sexy derriere? That’s what you get with these shorties! They feel incredibly comfy and give amazing look! Wanna see your man’s excitement tonight? You know what to do. Put these shorties on and emphasize your beauty even more! It's gonna turn him on!

Spicy crotchless panties

Wanna feel amazing? You got it now! This tempting thong will make you’re derriere look super-hot! Let the shiny details charm you and him tonight. And look at the spicy design – you’re gonna experience much more than you expect! Feel it, babe!

Elegant dress & thong

Let your hot night begin with a special show. And let it be your own sex appeal show! Wearing this perfectly fitting dress in sensual black, you’re gonna be a super chic temptress. And the rich, shiny details will get his eyes set on you from the very start!

Spicy nipple covers

Spicy fun with some exciting tricks? You both like it! And these tiny but super sexy gadgets are gonna give you plenty of surprising sensations. They work extremely seductive! Get your bust look even more tempting and invite him to some naughty, love frolics!

Black crop

Have you been a little naughty? Tonight, there’s no way to escape the consequences. But actually, it’s gonna be a really… pleasurable experience! And you may want to have even more spicy fun together. Enjoy it and repeat it whenever you want!

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