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Everything can happen! Obsessive collection Subtelia

Beautiful lingerie set: bra, garter belt, thong

Excitement - that’s what you feel… You’re holding in your hands a box. Inside? Lingerie perfectly folded and wrapped with a charming paper - it’s Subtelia set. With small help of it you’re gonna visit the wonderland tonight. So you put on this cute bra - and you see how amazing it looks…  Thanks to the garter belt you feel frivolous and incredibly sexy. The last piece - tempting thong - the icing on the cake. This night is gonna be fascinating…

Stunning white lingerie set: bra, thong, garter belt

Have you already ordered this fabulous set? No? This stunning, translucent mesh with little hearts pattern is waiting to give you some pleasure! Lovely and subtle, but also very hot lingerie will present your shapes in all their glory! Rush, honey! Don’t wait until someone will take you Subtelia set from under your nose!

Fabulous, black stockings

„We want stockings! We want stockings!” chanted millions of men all around the world. Demonstration in capitals of many countries are caused by announcement of embargo for Obsessive stockings. Governments are frightened with large number of addicted men… Is your man one of them?

Elegant, white stockings

White Subtelia stockings - you put them on and you feel how they girth your legs. Immediately you know that you’re gonna look amazing. Cute  and feminine white colour mixed with stunning floral adornment with set your lover’s senses on fire!

Charming thong

This thong is even better than TicTac!  It’s soooo sweet and has no calories. So if you are on diet, put our Subtelia thong on your buttocks and let the training begin! Fitness? Running? Yoga? Gym? No, no! We have better idea! Guess what…

Very subtle thong

Sweet, tempting and innocent - that’s Subtelia thong. Soft mesh with tiny hearts motif causes a frivolous smile on your face. The lingerie is cute and delicate, but very hot and sexy too! So you’d better prepare for incredible emotions. This night you’re the temptress!

Delicate chemise & thong

What are you thinking while looking at the photo above? Isn’t the chemise fabulous, incredibly sexy and tempting? Are you trying to imagine how this subtle, transparent mesh will look on your skin? Sure, you are! Don’t wait! Just order, put on and see. And then… present it to your beloved! You won’t regret! Hot night guaranteed!

Sensual chemise & thong

Exactly in the moment of opening the box you know that this pearl white chemise hidden inside is a perfect element of every romantic evening and… every fabulous morning. Nice and elastic mesh wonderfully covers your skin and emphasizes your curves. Sweet, tiny hearts are the ideal background for amazing adornments. Sweet pink bow adds you plenty of charm. Tiny, cheeky smile on your face says everything – thanks to Subtelia you’re a perfect temptress. Go and prove it.

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