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Flower power! Fiorenta by Obsessive

Tempting teddy

A prediction of a very hot night? Fiorenta teddy! Sweet floral motive mixed with an open crotch and open back? 100% of femininity! That’s a real guarantee of a satisfaction. And trust us… your lover thinks exactly the same! So… show him your second face! He’s gonna love it.

Black chemise & thong

Sexy but with a smidge of a piquancy? Oh, yes! That’s how he sees you! With Fiorenta chemise he’ll absolutely adore you and… it’s gonna be a really hot evening. Better get ready for it!

Sexy set: top & shorties

An inspiration for a perfect morning? Well, imagine that you open your eyes and feel the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. He brings it to the bed and smiles to you. Two minutes later you play together. Well. Welcome to Fiorenta world!

Charming, lace shorties

Charming and incredibly spicy at the same time. Fiorenta shorties are exactly like that! Wanna make sure that he’ll be thinking about you all day long? Tell him what you’re wearing right now… and don’t forget to add that this tiny, pink pearl is an invitation to the evening play!

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