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Fly high with Obsessive!

Tempting stewardess costume: dress, cap, thong

Welcome aboard! If you’re holding this box in your hand – it means that you love having fun! With this stewardess costume you can take your lover into a great trip! And? You will definitely enjoy the flight. Seductive costume of one of the most sexy professions in the world!

Sexy costume: dress, thong, cap, scarf

Time to fly away! Insane, four-piece costume! Take wing and enjoy the flight!

Sexy stewardess costume: top with garters, thong, cap

Are you thinking about extreme fun? BINGO! With this costume every evening can change into a trip to the FUNtasyland! Have a perfect yourney! 

Sexy stewardess costume: corset, thong, stockings, gloves, hat, scarf

All on a board! 

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