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Gimme a kiss! Obsessive collection Kisselent

Fantastic set: bra, garter belt, thong

Play with the details! The colour of every elegant temptress. Black. The motive of a real coquette? Flowers. The set of a real goddess? Kisselent set! Check out its perfect adornments and incredible design. So sexy - so you!

Seductive stockings

Love your legs! By wearing these incredibly tempting stockings. Let the lace touch your thighs and feel so frivolous! It's your show time - use it and have plenty of great fun.

Tempting chemise & thong

Never too much of… love! Inside of this box pure fun and love are hidden. Feel the sexy lace on your skin and let your lover admire your perfect curves. And then? Start the play full of great surprises. Everyone would wait for that!

Charming babydoll & thong

Is that your perfect way of spending the night together? If yes, it means that the romantic play has begun! So? Don't wait for a miracle - it's right inside of this box…

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