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How do you want to play? Meet latest costume collection by Obsessive!

Marine dream - 813-CST-8

How to make your secret dreams come true? Get this sexy costume and try it out! Tonight's gonna turn into a love voyage for the two of you. Your destination? The island of naughty fantasies! Explore it together and have a fantastic time!

Salute and play - 814-CST-4

Who's gonna take command in the bedroom tonight? You! With this tempting costume you can set the rules and give your lover piquant orders. He'll follow them with great pleasure! Are you ready for this exciting challenge? Have great fun!

Welcome to sexy airlines - 816-CST-6

Your private flight is about to start. Who's on board? Only you and your lover! It's gonna be an exciting journey for both of you. Put on this incredibly tempting costume, get ready for take-off and make your fantasies come true high in the sky!

Cute or naughty - 815-CST-1

Lovely, sexy or spicy? Don’t know what to choose? It means you should… try them all! Open the box and play with three alluring looks. Start as a playful bunny and then... surprise your lover with a naughty change! Both of you will love this game!

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