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Itsy-bitsy rose! Meet fabulous Piccorosa by Obsessive!

Fabulous set: bra, garter belt, thong

This night will be a special night for the two of you. You’ve got this cute gem – it’s delightfully charming and subtly tempting. All you need to do is just put this set on and you will change into a sexy black rose! You already know that it’s gonna be an unforgettable love experience for the two of you.

Sexy stockings

Do you want to feel really special tonight? Here’s a little hot inspiration for you. Wear these stockings and be… amazingly sexy! They will take care of your great look and comfort. You’re gonna look fantastic and very tempting, so… relax and let the fantasies of the two of you come true!

Charming thong

It knows how to expose your sexy shapes and give you some rosy charm! No doubt you will love it! Just play a little sweet game with your beloved. Ask him to find a small rose hidden somewhere on your body and… playful fun starts right here! No doubts he will love it, too!

Coquettish suspenders with garters

So lovely and so tempting. They match you perfectly! And guess what? They will set your senses on fire. It’s already getting hot! Can you feel it? With these super sexy suspenders, you’re gonna make an exciting love show for your sweetheart. And don’t be surprised if he… asks for a hot replay.

Tempting chemise

Plenty of beautiful roses will blossom tonight! Just let this sensual chemise give you a real explosion of feminine charm! With such a tempting look… you will truly delight your man all night long! He won’t be able to stop looking at you even for a second!

Cute babydoll

A good portion of rosy beauty? Yes, this is what Piccorosa babydoll brings to you! Isn’t it lovely? But hold on – it works very sexy, too! Let the delicate, black mesh emphasize your feminine charm. And look at the sensual lace with rosy adornments – you’ll be so adorable in it!

Intriguing mittens

Do you know how Piccorosa mittens work on you? They give you exactly what you (and your lover) want - sweet charm and plenty of sexiness! With these mittens, you’re like a rose – you touch with subtle pleasure, but… you can also prickle gently with spicy sensations! The two of you can’t miss the chance for this experience!

Cute robe

Do you already know the scenario for this evening? It’s gonna be very sensual. With this chic robe, your body will be sexily wrapped before… he decides to explore what’s underneath it. Be mysteriously tempting for a while to inspire his senses! The next part is open only to the imagination of the two of you…

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