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Lingerie News: Meet the sexy duo panties model LACEA!

Lacea shorties duo pack: black & white

Lingerie News: Meet the sexy duo!
And feel just like this! Fabulous white and coquettish black with plenty of lovely flowers. What a fantastic view! Supercomfy design means that it’s gonna be an amazing experience for you. Why not to try it? Get ready to have a delightful time!

Lacea thong duo pack: black & red

So sexy! And you can get it right here. Double inside of the box means… double excitement! Sounds so tempting! Gorgeous lace around your derriere is gonna be your best attribute. All you need to do is feel wonderful. Expose your full femininity!
Lacea green duo pack: shorties & thong
So amazingly delicate. Here they are! Just to give you a delightful dose of pleasure. And it comes with double, lacy design. One of them will help you seduce your lover with feminine sex appeal, the other one adds a bit of piquancy. Enjoy them both and show your amazing bottom!
Lacea thong duo pack with animal print
New combination of colours that perfectly awaken the senses. This is it! Sexy black or intriguing orange? Both of these wild, spotted thongs have incredibly seductive power! You’ll feel it once you put them on. Ready for this unforgettable, love adventure? It begins right here!
Lacea shorties duo pack: black & red
Soft fabric, adorable lace and two exciting colours coming inside of one box – they’re gonna let you feel feminine and sexy! And there’re plenty of fantastic sensations ahead of you. So… what are your plans for tonight? Treat yourself to a dose of amazing pleasure with the new duo!
Lacea yellow duo pack: shorties & thong
Box with double, Obsessive inside? Sounds incredibly exciting! Perfect lingerie designed for your derriere is waiting for you right here. Once you get it, you can enjoy the amazingly delightful touch of soft mesh and lace. The unique duo will totally surprise you!

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