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Love feels amazing! Lovica by Obsessive!

Sexy corset & thong

Love becomes even more exciting when there’s beautiful lingerie with you. Lovica looks like a perfect idea for a hot evening! So… why not to try it and feel amazing? Get this coquettish corset and let yourself shine with perfect, red gloss. Check how sexy it looks on your body and how much it turns him on!

Red stockings

Show your legs in this incredibly sexy stockings. The red lace with lots of pretty flowers on your thighs is gonna work superhot. Be sure that he'll not be able to take his eyes off you. Once you walk into your bedroom looking this way, you’re gonna check how amazing love feels!

Red chemise & thong

Hot and incredibly feminine. This is how you're gonna look with this sexy, red dress on your body. Feel the delightful touch of smooth fabric and delicate lace. Let the beautiful gloss give you plenty of charm and turn into an alluring temptress tonight!

Beautiful panties

Derriere of a real coquette? You’re just so close to it! Get this look with the sexy panties. They will make your shapes look even more beautiful and tempting. Once you choose Lovica, it will bring you plenty of unforgettable feelings and warm up your love. Make it happen!

Sexy set: half-bra, open panties, bolero

This special set matches a tempting woman. It matches you! Its spicy details will make you perfectly ready to give and take lots of naughty pleasure. Don’t hesitate. Choose Lovica and begin your exciting love time the way you’ve never done before!

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