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Love idea! Oradea by Obsessive!

Tempting lace teddy

Would you like to be sexy and chic tonight? Imagine the moment you’re walking into your bedroom wearing this tempting teddy! Let the soft fabrics pamper your skin and enjoy yourself! So sexy - so you! He will love it!

Sexy thong

Small boxes cover great mysteries! Would you like to know one? Then take this thong with you and enjoy every minute spent together. They’ve been created to give you pleasure!

Naughty crop & tickler

Wanna feel more of exciting sensations? Your desire is to get extremely amazing sexual experiences? Here’s the beginning of your spicy, night play! Will you be nice or bad? Give him a piquant smack and then… change it into a sweet caress. It’s gonna be your favourite sexy game. Play it your way tonight!

Mysterious blindfold

This magic piece of shiny material can be used so many ways! Try them all out! You can cover your eyes (or his – if you prefer!), you can tie his hands, you can tie a bow in your waist and be the best gift for your sweetheart. So everything depends on you, babe!

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