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Love it forever! Obsessive collection Slevika!

Stunning corset & thong

You’re standing in front of him and he simply cannot stop staring at you. Do you know this feeling? Thanks to Slevika corset – the perfect mix of incredibly feminine fabric and delicate floral motive, you will feel that again! Hot, satiny lacing will smite yourselves! So? Don’t wait too long and feel this thrill! enjoy this feeling and let this moment last forever!

Sexy garter belt & thong

It’s gonna be an evening full of emotions and incredibly hot atmosphere. Wearing Slevika garter belt, you already know that he is absolutely crazy about you and that he just can’t stop watching you! Today you rule, and Slevika? It’s just a tiny help from Obsessive!

Lace shorties

 You put them on to tempt all day long. To tempt himself and… yourself too! Feeling great and incredibly sexy you can wait to your evening date with him! It’s gonna be really spicy and… you’re gonna play the lead!

Sexy stockings

Obligatory at your closet! A temptress like you need these fabulous Slevika stockings. Imagine this feeling when you’re wearing them and HE sees that. Do you know his reaction? We know – he’s gonna go insane! So? Get ready for tonight.

Alluring teddy

Have you ever heard that every dream can come true? Slevika teddy is the best way to show it. You’ve been dreaming about incredibly hot and sensual evening with a pinch of piquancy? And now this dream will fulfill! Feel delicate and sensual lace on your skin, check this hot lacing and spicy open crotch! Surprise him – and you’ll see that this night will be fabulous – for both of you!

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