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Love it, love it! Obsessive collection Rosana!

Sexy corset & thong

Tonight in your bedroom the temperature will be really high! You know that even thinking about Rosana corset makes you hot. Now think that he will see you wearing it! This is gonna be one of these moments when his hands will be on fire – and you’re gonna be in heaven! Enjoy!

Tempting teddy

You’re standing in front of the mirror and wearing Rosana teddy. Would you like to know how do you look like? Well, for sure, he would find some words to describe this view. Seducing. Tempting. Sexy. Hot. Yes – it’s all about you! And about your little helpers – tiny roses, smooth mesh and perfect shapes! Don’t wait, listen to his words! He’s right!

Sexy stockings

Perfect stockings? Delicate, tempting and cute. That’s exactly what Rosana stockings are! They will pamper your legs and his… hands! This night and plenty of unique feeling is only yours!

Seductive chemise & thong

This night is gonna be a surprise for both of you. And you know that you’re gonna tempt and invite to the play, heat up the atmosphere and look incredibly sexy. How about him? Well, he knows that he won’t be able to stop looking at you! You’ve got the best possible helper to do this. Rosana chemise is here and… she’s ready. Exactly like you!

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