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Pleasure tastes plummy! Suella by Obsessive!

Sexy chemise

There’s a delicious evening ahead of you! How does it feel? Delicate touch of amazing softness, magnetizing colours and beautiful details – they will pamper your senses just the way you like. You know what to do. Put Suella on and have a delightful time!

Cute thong

Unique blend of colours and charming details. This fabulous thong will look amazing on you! Just check what it can give you. Sexy derriere – yes! Fantastic feelings – here you are! Wonderful night – time to get ready for it! Expect it to come together with tempting inside of the box…

Unique teddy

And you’re gonna taste plummy too! But before you let him try it, enjoy every single second of wearing this amazing teddy. It feels incredibly delicate and looks so sexy! Expose your body, let beautiful details adorn your tempting shapes and hypnotize your beloved with intriguing colours…

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