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Say “yes” and get the party started! Etheria by Obsessive!

Charming, white corset

Just look at all the fabulous details! They’re gonna give you so many reasons to love this corset. Perfectly feminine on the front and amazingly seductive on the back. Take every step into your bedroom with great pleasure and lots of wonderful feelings. Just because you look gorgeous!

Charming thong

Start your day with sexy lingerie and you won’t regret! Seduce your man with sweet as honey thong and you both will feel fantastic all day long! Second helping in the evening? Sure! You’re sooo delicious!

Beautiful lingerie set: bra, garter belt, thong

Fabulous, white set perfect for every bride. Your wedding guests won’t be able to imagine what you’ll hide under your dress. It’s a top secret. Reserved only for your husband for your wedding night. Special lingerie for special occasion? Sure! It’s Obsessive!

White stockings

Sexy bride? Yeah! It’s you, babe! Don’t forget about it while assembling your wedding outfit. Say goodbye to polite and boring look. Say hello to sexy and tempting design. Show your fantastic legs in white stockings. It’s your day, sweetheart!

Fantastic bra

White bra – you have it in your wardrobe, for sure. But this one is absolutely unusual. Not like many other you’ve known. Oh no! With this unique design, beautiful lace and perfect white colour you’ll be a queen of the world! We mean the world of your man, honey!

Lace babydoll & thong


So sexy, so mysterious, so sensual… he’ll love Etheria babydoll on your fabulous shapes. Now you rule. You can do with him whatever you want. Some crazy ideas for wild pranks in bed? Proposal for any daring experiments? Or do you dream about playing some scenes from “Fifty Shades of Grey” in your bedroom? Go ahead! Today he won’t refuse anything. No way!

Sensual, white gloves

Great look is so important – we know that. But don’t forget about a touch as well. Put delicate, smooth gloves on your hands and gift him with subtle necking. Everybody knows that Obsessive produces the thrill of emotions and goosebumps.

White, lace mask

Are you looking for new emotions? We have a great proposal for you: cover your eyes, feel his touch on your skin and his warm breath on your neck stronger than ever. Hear his whisper in your ear and feel tingly. Don’t wait any longer. You will be absolutely surprised with this new (s)experience!


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