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Sexy, sexier, the sexiest - Charms! White edition by Obsessive!

Tempting teddy

This magic combination of colour, design, lace and tiny bling-bling will take you to the heaven. Feel it on your skin and let your lover see it. There's nothing better than elegant and charming temptress like you! So… imagine yourself wearing this appetizing teddy and show your beloved that it only looks so innocent.

Lace chemise & thong

Pure perfection! Did you dream about something elegant and incredibly hot? Now your dreams are coming true. Inside of this box a pure pleasure is hidden and… it wants to stay with you. Forever and ever! So don’t wait. Let this fabulous lace adorn your body! You’ll see, this night is going to be out of this world!

White garter belt & thong

That's you! Wearing this incredible garter belt you're becoming more and more tempting. Elegant lace on your hips and tiny bling-bling look stunning on you. So… don’t wait. It’s always better to have plenty of fun with fabulous lingerie than without it!

White stockings

Step by step… straight to pleasure! Put on these incredibly delicate, white stockings and feel sexy. Let your secret fantasies lead you. They’re about to come true! Don’t wait any longer. Open a box full of Obsessive delight and have an exciting time!

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