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Sharpen your claws! Obsessive collection!

Wild kitty costume: teddy, detachable tail, ears

Start the game and… show your wild side! Shiny fur, sexy curves, naughty tail and cute ears? Aww, say „Hi” to your new, second face. Wearing this animal print teddy you change into a nasty Gepardina! So? Don’t wait and show it!

Naughty set: corset, shorties, belt, socks, gloves, collar, wristband, ears

Hello naughty kitty! The costume of a real pussycat – purrrfect for every daring woman!

Crop & tickler

Wanna feel more of exciting sensations? Your desire is to get extremely amazing sexual experiences? Here’s the beginning of your spicy, night play! Will you be nice or bad? Give him a piquant smack and then… change it into a sweet caress. It’s gonna be your favourite sexy game. Play it your way tonight!

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