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So perfect, so white! It's Sensita by Obsessive!

Tempting corset & thong

Innocent and temptingly adorable? You can look like this anytime you want! Open the box with amazing lingerie inside (it’s right here, almost yours!), put on Sensita corset and… feel fantastic! Seductive, mesh design and beautiful lace. It’s so fabulous! Try it!

White stockings

Step by step… straight to pleasure! Put on these incredibly delicate, white stockings and feel sexy. Let your secret fantasies lead you. They’re about to come true! Don’t wait any longer. Open a box full of Obsessive delight and have an exciting time!

White set: bra & panties

Get ready for a little bit of incredible pleasure! Come and find out more! Delicate, feminine, white and adorned with eye-catching details. Aww… this set brings feelings that you’re gonna love! The two of you. Let it inspire your imagination and have an amazing time together!

Subtle panties

What makes buttocks look incredibly sexy? Obsessive bottoms! Discover the secret of Sensita panties. First, delightful colour, alluring mesh and charming details stimulate senses. Next… take a look at the striped back! It emphasizes feminine shapes! The effect? So hard to resist!

Cute babydoll & thong

Sensita babydoll can do… real wonders! Sexy, accentuated bust will let you tempt your beloved with incredibly feminine charm. Subtle mesh gently touches belly and hips – just to let you feel great and move with unearthly grace! And the gorgeous adornments? They add a little bit of magic appeal! Now you’re ready for a wonderful night!

Delicate, white thong

Little thing tempting in every inch? Sensita thong! What makes it so special? You’ll find this out when you open the box. And then… you’ll love every single second of wearing this thong! So? Get it right now, feel wonderful and let your beloved admire this incredibly exciting view!

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