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So tempting? So good! Yes, it is Miamor Lingerie Collection!

Miamor elegant robe & thong

Robe Miamor Lingerie

Put me on! Isn’t this robe fabulous? It would look perfect on you. So let yourself loosen up and feel this delicate fabric and incredibly feminine lace on your skin. The evening is about to begin, so? Enjoy it!

Miamor tempting chemise & thong

Chemise Miamor

Elegant? Of course! So are you dreaming about something special and incredibly feminine? Here you are! Black, shiny fabric and sexy lace will look great on you, so? Start this evening in a romantic way!

Miamor black corset & thong

Corset Miamor

The queen of spicy games! Here you are! For how long have you been looking for this incredible corset? Now it can be yours – all you have to do is: open this magic box and enter the magic world of pleasure and fun!

Sexy gloves Miamor

Miamor Gloves

Take my hand. Close your eyes and imagine the subtlest touch ever. Do you feel it? This is the touch of love. With these fabulous gloves every night will be more romantic and every touch will be full of pleasure!

Miamor sexy garter belt & thong

Miamor Garter Belt

So tempting? So good! Would you like to look tempting, fabulous and spicy? With this perfect piece of lingerie, it’s easier than you think! So? Don’t waste your time – start the naughty play and…

Miamor thong with open crotch

Miamor thong with open crotch

Tiny and frivolous! Spicy details which will heat up the atmosphere? It’s hidden right inside of this box. So? Open this box and proudly present yourself to your lover. He’s gonna love it!

Miamor open crotch panties

Miamor open crotch panties

Start the game… with these incredibly great panties! Let the spicy details and perfect design spoil your lover and start the naughty play in a romantic style. Sounds great, right?

Miamor lace thong

Miamor Thong

Smile and shine! With this fabulous thong every minute feels better. Sexy lace and incredibly good design will give you plenty of fun and emphasize your perfect curves. So? Wear them and love them!

Miamor daring set: half-bra & panties

Miamor Lingerie set

Side by side. Pure perfection? It exists! Inside of this box a perfect love team is hidden. So? Take it with you wherever you going to and enjoy days and nights spent together!

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