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The fun is about to begin! Meet Blackardi by Obsessive!

Sexy chemise & thong

Riddle time! What’s colourful but the name would suggest it’s black? Blackardi! Yes, this incredibly sexy chemise will help you warm up the atmosphere and start the naughty love-teasers! Don’t wait – cobalt is your colour, so… go for it! Jump on the rollercoaster of love and have plenty of fun!

Charming chemise & thong

Every temptress wears pink sometimes! So… tonight is your turn and don’t hesitate to use this power! Feel the soft fabric on your skin and let the shiny bow emphasize your neckline. With this incredibly sexy lingerie your man will know that there’s only one queen. And it’s you!

Unique chemise & thong

An evening spent with Blackardi? Why not! Close your eyes and imagine an ocean of turquoise pleasure. It’s filled with surprises and joy. It tastes sweet but sometimes it may feel spicy, too! Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it’s high time to try it and you won’t regret it!


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