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This time black means sexy! Meet Swanita - black edition by Obsessive!

Black corset & thong

Here’s a special outfit for a temptress, who knows well how to give her beloved a real sensual warm-up! And you’re just perfect at it! Black Swanita corset will do wonders when you match it with your sex appeal. And delightful amount of lace will make you look tempting in every tiny detail! This night is gonna be yours – do it, babe!

Lace garter belt & thong

Wanna make him adore every sensual move of your hips even more? Swanita has an ideal proposal that will give you full satisfaction! Just put on this special, lace garter belt – it’s gonna turn your imagination on right at the beginning of a really hot evening!

Sexy, black stockings

Look at black Swanita – it’s just fabulous! Entering the world of pleasure with these stockings on your legs, you’re gonna feel even more wonderful. Swanita will bring plenty of sensual fantasies to you. Just invite your beloved to spicy fun and… be his sexy and tempting goddess!

Tempting babydoll & thong

Playful, adorable, feminine and… amazingly sexy. This is your Swanita babydoll in sensual, black colour. Delight him with special lingerie, which gracefully surrounds your body and temptingly exposes beautiful shapes. He loves them! And now… he’ll be impressed by your gorgeous look that’s just for him!

Elegant chemise & thong

Swanita chemise black Black, sexy elegance matches you just wonderfully. You’re gonna feel amazing with Swanita! And your beloved? He’ll adore the way this tempting chemise looks on you! Just let your body match with delicate mesh and coquettish lace. Tonight, you’re gonna truly warm up his senses!

Sexy robe & panties

Tempting lingerie in sensual wrapping? It’s even more exciting! Within just a few seconds, you’ll change into sexy, charming queen of the night. Put on your Swanita robe and ask your beloved to get ready for moments full of pleasure. They’ll begin as soon as he pulls the tempting, satin belt. Ready?

Cute panties

Delicate mesh that subtly gives pleasure to your skin? Lace made to be loved? Details that invite you to playful fun? Sensual colour? Oh, yes! This sexy combination can really heat up the atmosphere of the night. You already know it – these wonderful panties will be your lovely trick for many exciting nights ahead!

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