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Want some naughty fun? Meet Dressita by Obsessive!

White, lace dress & thong

An angel? Or a devilish woman? Lace dress will unleash sexy temptress in every, even the shyest woman. Uncovered back will be an ideal supplement for a simple, plain and modest front. So, don’t wait any longer, honey!

Red, lace dress & thong

You and red Dressita – absolutely perfect combination! You will rule the world together! This simple, lacy, red dress is just a quintessence of femininity. Polite or naughty? What do you think? And what do you prefer?

Black, lace dress & thong

Little black dress is perfect not only for romantic dinner in restaurant. It’s also a great way to seduce him! Look at the photo. Feminine design? Floral lace? Naked back? Charming ribbon? Oh yeah! This is it!

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