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Welcome to the jungle of love! Meet Jungirl by Obsessive!

Impressive set: top, stockings, thong

Have you been dreaming about spending this night in a romantic atmosphere? That’s a great idea but… Jungirl suit sounds way better. Feel its spicy taste and count every single spot. Become a naughty and incredibly hot temptress! It’s time to start the trip and feel welcomed to the land of wild love!

Feisty thong

Tiny box. What’s inside of it? Incredibly hot piece of lingerie which will change you into a real temptress! Wanna see it closer? Open the box and feel it. Delicate fabric, sexy lace and wild print will pamper your skin. It’s time to start the game!

Sexy, spotted chemise & thong

Do you like being naughty and wild? If your answer is „yes” then… Jungirl chemise is perfect for you! Invite your lover on a trip and have plenty of incredibly spicy fun together. There’s nothing better that counting your spots!

Amazing set: bra & thong

Wearing Jungirl set you will easily arouse his hidden passions! Delicate fabric and incredibly hot pattern will let you enjoy every single moment of this love hunting! And when he finally gets you - let him touch your spots and feel your skin. Let him bite you, feel your taste and… let him give you plenty of wild fun

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