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White means sexy! Meet Swanita - white edition by Obsessive!

Outstanding corset & thong

Wanna feel this? Imagine yourself wearing this sexy attire adorned with perfect lace and totally innocent bows. And now? Imagine himself watching you. Sounds good, right? So… why not to do this? Make your dreams come true. You won’t regret this till the end of your life.

Unique garter belt & thong

Sexy and tempting lingerie filled with grace? It’s waiting for you right here! Mix this garter belt with your favourite white stockings and walk into the bedroom. Great look and perfect surprise guaranteed! Are you ready for extremely pleasant night?

White stockings

Sexy legs and fabulous look step by step? Yes! With this incredibly sexy stockings you can upgrade every attire to the master level of love and take your beloved to the heaven of pleasure. So… no need to wait. Put them on and make it happen. Just get ready for tonight!

Lace chemise & thong

You seem to be so innocent but in fact you hide a naughty mystery, right? Well, tonight your man is going to know your riddles! Let him know your secret and start the naughty play. Enjoy this night together with him!

Charming babydoll & thong

Do you feel like changing into a beautiful temptress? Choose this babydoll and let the airy fabric cover your sexy shapes! You may be looking innocent but… make a fantastic surprise for your man. Let him feel some pepper on his tongue. Spicy pleasure? Yes! But it’s sweet as well. What a delicious dessert!

Beautiful robe & panties

And now, thanks to Swanita robe, it means also lovely, tempting, seductive and extremely feminine. Look at this robe. It’s a masterpiece! Let your man unpack his gift. One pulling of the satin belt and… he’ll be in heaven!

Cute, white panties

Innocent and naughty at the same time? With these panties it’s possible! Emphasize your derriere and invite your beloved to the play! You can’t wait the evening, right? You are so curious what’s gonna happen. Nobody knows but it will be pleasurable for sure!

White garter

Love games? Good idea for boring, rainy evenings! Forget about PlayStation and Monopoly. You don’t even need a dice, cards or a checker. Swanita garter will be enough. It will be a perfect invitation to naughty tricks. Make it happen!

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