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You wanna seduce and tempt this night? Choose Intensa by Obsessive!

Sexy corset & thong

And you’re gonna do this. You open the box and put on this amazing Intensa corset. Mix of feminine fabrics and lacing in the back is a perfect combination. It’s been created to tempt and seduce. Just for you. Nasty straps emphasizes your character. Sweet ribbon bows makes you smiling. Garters perfectly look on your tights. In the mirror you see the back – it’s incredibly hot. This is your night!

Sexy stockings

When you put them on you feel how they amazingly girth your body. Wide lace beautifully emphasizes your tighs and plume your legs. You look stunning!

Subtle thong

Wow! Lacey Intensa thong - they tempt and seduce. Not only you! Sweet and incredibly feminine front makes you feeling sexy and beautifully. Adornment on the back emphasizes your curves and adds you charm. Show what you’re feeling - this night is gonna be amazing!

Incredible chemise & thong

You open the box and uncover the charming paper. What you see is amazing you. Black, tempting and feminine Intensa chemise. This is it. Soft fabric slowly covers your body. Sweet lace and soft mesh look perfect on you. Thanks to the modern straps on the breast and seducing thong you know that this night is gonna be incredible. Ribbon bow causes a sweet smile on your face. Tonight you are a temptress – show it!

Tempting lingerie set: bra & thong

You can be 100% sure about that. Intensa set will make this night special. Tempting bra adds you plenty of sex appeal. Mixed with double thong it is a perfect set for you! Lacey cups beautifully emphasizes your breast. Double straps crossed on the back are flirtatious and seduce. Sweet ribbon bow on the front causes a smile on your face. You are gonna look amazing – so don’t wait too long - prove it now!

Sexy double straps thong

They encourage to the play. They tempt and seduce - and you feel it! You put them on and you feel that they are perfect for this night. Double straps add charm and look perfect on your hips. Sweet and flirtatious bows cause a smile on your face. Intensa double thong- they are so amazing - ideal for this night!

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