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Your details full of luxury! Meet Alabastra by Obsessive!

Lace lingerie set: underwire half-bra & crotchless thong

The best fun? Is waiting for you right inside of this cute box! Wanna know what's hidden inside? Imagine a perfect mix of fun, love, pleasure and piquancy. And now take this package home. Tonight will be special!

Subtle, white thong

Perfection and love? That's the best couple! This is exactly what you can find inside of this box. The excellent amount of feminine lace and innocent colour seasoned with a tiny bit of piquancy. So? Let the fun begin!

Daring, crotchless thong

Spicy pleasure? Here you are! Discover the pleasure full of surprising zest! With these incredibly feminine thong you can crack your man's code and heat up the atmosphere! So? Use your white secret and… have plenty of fun!

White, lace shorties

Wanna be in the heaven? Of course you do! Fun hidden inside of this box will take you there and show you the real pleasure. So? Better do not hesitate and take it home right now. Because the spicy fun is about to begin!

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